Feb 28, 2024

We are delighted to announce that Acid Rainbow, developer and publisher of BADMAD ROBOTS, signed an onboarding agreement with Wemade, a South Korean gaming and blockchain giant. BADMAD ROBOTS is going to be onboarded to WEMIX PLAY, Wemade’s blockchain game platform.

This milestone represents a significant leap forward in our journey within the global gaming community and marks a pivotal moment in our esports expansion.

“Joining forces with WEMIX marks an exciting chapter for BADMAD ROBOTS. By leveraging WEMIX's unparalleled expertise and the dynamic WEMIX PLAY platform, we are set to deliver groundbreaking experiences that captivate and engage audiences worldwide. This strategic alliance not only marks a new era in gaming quality and innovation but also highlights our dedication to bring tangible benefits to our players and setting a new standard in how we develop the game,” said Slava Mikhalkin, CEO of Acid Rainbow.

This partnership reinforces our commitment to building a game that meets all the high standards of competitive gaming and esports, while also leveraging blockchain technology to transform the gaming industry through increased transparency and fair compensation for player contributions.

Wemix has established itself as an ideal ecosystem for connecting the realms of gaming and Web3, offering unparalleled speed, scalability, and accessibility through its comprehensive Web3 solutions.


WEMIX is a blockchain based Global Gaming Platform developed by Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd that is a subsidiary company of WEMADE as its flagship blockchain gaming services arm.

WEMIX was initially launched to revolutionize the GameFi industry with play-to-earn blockchain-based gaming models that enabled players to earn and trade in-game digital collectibles in the form of NFTs while enjoying games. So far, it has successfully achieved this goal with its popular games like CrypTornado, GalaxyTornado, and MIR4, which garnered millions of downloads within the first few months of launch.

The WEMIX 3.0 ecosystem supports Ethereum Virtual Machine with a noble Stake-based Proof of Authority consensus to provide a high throughput of 4000 transactions per second. It offers various decentralized services, including the gaming platform WEMIX PLAY decentralized finance platform WEMIX.Fi, WEMIX wallet and many more.

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BADMAD ROBOTS is an Intense and fun team-based free-to-play multiplayer shooter. Fight hard to survive on streets overrun by broken violent robots in a brutal post-human society.

Show off your flair
Choose your preferred playstyle, whether it's tanks, damage dealing, or support roles. Select your fighter from a plenty of vibrant characters: unleash firepower with a hand cannon, wield a powerful hammer to crush skulls, take out enemies from above with a jetpack and rocket launcher, lurk and deliver precise headshots with a sniper rifle, and much more

Play smart, not recklessly
Opt for various game modes like team deathmatch, control, and others. Strategize with your chosen characters to exhibit your skills on the chaotic battlefield. Fight for the thrill and the taste of victory

Become a part of global esports community
Join our tournaments alongside world-famous esports teams, challenge your skills, and get a chance to join them

Enhanced by Web3
The world of gaming is changing, become part of that change! Unleash true power of true digital ownership, community governance, creator tools and open marketplace

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